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On Monday, December 26, 2011 young men from across the U.S. and Canada joined in song for a one-night engagement of barbershop music at the world renowned venue for musical excellence, Carnegie Hall.  This two hour concert took place in the 2,800 seat Stern Auditorium (Main Hall) of Carnegie Hall and featured a 3-time gold medalist youth orchestra from Japan, a 30-minute performance by the No Borders Youth Chorus, in addition to a brief performance by Prestige (2011 International Collegiate Champions) and a very special guest quartet including Sean Devine (OC Times) and Tim Waurick (Vocal Spectrum). 

Since this was a free concert, in addition to being a benefit event for Japan tsunami/earthquake relief, there was no designated funding or financial assistance for this performance.  In the face of national economic challenges, the majority of the young men interested in participating in this event required some form of financial assistance to fulfill this opportunity.  The No Borders Music Consort was formed to organize and finance the chorus and operates solely on external support from the public. Your donations helped us to provide life-long memories for young singers and audience members alike.  As a result of your generous donations, we were able to defray ALL costs to the performers for their time in New York City.  

The No Borders Music Consort continues it's mission to make these performance opportunities available to aspiring musicians across the world and fully funded the No Borders Youth Chorus again in 2012 for their performance at Carnegie Hall. 

This year, the No Borders Youth Chorus will be returning on December 26, 2013 and again needs your support!


A donation can be measured in the following ways:

  • $25 pays for lunch and dinner for one singer
  • $120 pays for one night hotel stay for 2 singers
  • $400 pays for one bus to transport singers between Carnegie Hall and the Newark Hilton Hotel
  • $500 pays for the meeting and rehearsal space the day of the performance
  • $1,200 pays for a souvenir t-shirt for all participating singers and chaperones
  • $1,500 pays for one meal for the entire chorus
  • $1,800 pays for all costs associated with music and learning tracks
  • $4,000 pays for one night hotel stay for all out of town singers

How to Donate

Donations can be made through PayPal using the link above or through Harmony Foundation International.    Be sure to indicate that you are making a restricted donation for the No Borders Youth Chorus.

Our goal is to raise approximately $15,000 so that the only cost to the singer was the $50 registration fee and their travel expenses to and from NYC.  Thank you for helping us work toward this goal and we look forward to your continued support for the 2012 performance!

If you're one of those who've already given, thank you. If you'd still like to give, we welcome your donation to support the No Borders Youth Chorus.

P.S. We understand that many are not in a position to donate financially at this time. We are grateful for any support: donating time and energy promoting the event, lending your expertise, attending the concert, or even just reading this notice and passing it along are all fantastic ways to support us.

Current sponsors

Participant representation

In 2011, over 150 participants registered and performed on stage ranging from ages 13 to 30.  Nearly 1/3 of the members were new to this style of music and not members of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

In 2012, 103 participants registered and are selected to perform ranging from ages 9 to 30.  38 members of the 2011 chorus are returning for their second performance!  Click here for information regarding the 2012 performing chorus.

Use of funds and 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status

The No Borders Music Consort has applied for 501(c)3 Non-Profit status and expects to receive final designation from the Internal Revenue Service soon.  Since the No Borders Music Consort meets the requirements of the 501(c)3 designation and was incorporated within the last year, non-profit status will be retroactive to December 16, 2011.  Upon approval by the IRS, all contributions made after December 16, 2011 will be tax deductible.  

100% of the contributions made to the No Borders Music Consort are used for supporting operations such as performer lodging, meals, and transportation; music license fees, required Federal and State corporation fees; website operations, etc.  Directors and staff do NOT receive compensation as part of their role supporting the chorus.  The No Borders Music Consort exists to support performers!


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