About the No Borders Music Consort

Heading to the stage...

At 7:50 PM on December 26, 2011, 145 young men quietly filed down the stairs from the rehearsal room to the stage right wing in the great Carnegie Hall in New York City.  For most this was the second time entering this hallowed stage.  The first was only one hour earlier for a final rehearsal and acclimation to the stage.  The day was filled with auditions, music craft lessons, rehearsals, choreography, and anxious laughter.  Master Director Joseph Cerutti, Chorus Manager Scott Kahler, and Producer Greg Tepe gracefully passed off the performers through musical, operational, and production preparations.  Just eight hours earlier, the chorus was formed, never before rehearsing together until meeting in a small church just 5 blocks away.

These performers traveled from across the United States and Canada.  All had one dream; sing on the Carnegie Hall stage with the No Borders Youth Chorus.  At 8:00 PM, the stage door opened and their dream became reality.

The idea...

This No Borders Youth Chorus started as a vision for two individuals.  Master Director Joseph Cerutti and Chorus Manager Scott Kahler, met five months earlier with an idea to put together a chorus of 60 performers for a short performance at Carnegie Hall.  The idea was simple.  But finding this many young performers locally seemed unachievable.  When they decided to open up membership for the chorus to a more geographically dispersed group, the challenge of rehearsing the masses surfaced.  How do you get 60+ performers from across the continent together for regular rehearsals prior to this performance.  The answer?  You don't!

Joe and Scott decided to take a chance and design a chorus whose only rehearsal (and audition) would be the day of the performance.  Logistically, it was feasible.  With Joe's musical talents as a director, it was absolutely achievable.  The plan would be to provide music, learning tracks, and choreography videos to performers with the requirement that all aspects of the performance be memorized prior to arrival on Dec 26th.  The performers would be auditioned in groups of eight followed by a six-hour rehearsal to fine tune the art.

Making it happen...

The only challenge left was how to pay expenses for 60+ performers in New York City?  The challenge grew to nearly three times the expected costs when registration closed with nearly 150 performers on the rolls.  With the deadline to rent rehearsal space, order food, buy shirts, schedule hotel rooms, and schedule buses looming, Harmony Foundation International and nearly 20 individual donors stepped in with enough funds to completely cover all local costs of the event.  As a result, 145 performers, age 30 and younger, graced the stage for a sold out performance that became the beginning of a legacy.

Check out the following video, produced by Harmony Foundation International, to see what the happens when a few follow their dreams with the help of a few generous donors.